Full Events Programme

The Open Systems Salon presented as part of the ISCMA Symposium will host a series of free public events in the 3F Singing Waves Gallery, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre.

Fri 4th January:

Dance Performance, 1:30-2pm
Dancer: Eugenia Kim, Artist: Ann Mak
Dance performance to take place in the exhibition space (silver ball installation).

Opening Reception and LASER talk, 8-10pm
Speakers: Dr. Rosa Chan and Jacco Borggreve
Leonardo Art and Science Rendezvous on brain-computer interfaces and the quantified self.

Sat 5th January:

Artist Discussion, 12:45-2pm
Speakers: Anna Ridler and Ellen Pearlman
The artists will introduce new works exploring AI, brain computer interfaces, living cyborgs and the projects at the ThoughtWorks Arts Residency in New York.  

Open Systems Salon Artist Talk, 3:45-5:15pm
Speakers: Andrew Luk, Lisa SoYoung Park, Kyle Chung, Lukasz Mirocha, Gyung Jin Shin
The artists of the Open Systems Salon will discuss their artworks and creative progress.

Sun 6th January:

VR Demo: Machine-generated poetry and virtual landscapes, 12:45-2pm
Presenters: Suzana Ilić and Martina Jole Moro
Audiences can experience the VR artwork introduced at the Digital Animation Session.

Open Systems Salon Artist Talk, 4-5:30pm
Speakers: Yeon-Kyoung Lim, Zimu Zhang, Ann Mak, Sophie Yujia Zhang
The artists in the Open Systems Salon will discuss their artworks and creative progress.


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